Free Pregnancy Test Apps

Have you been wondering if you are pregnant? A Pregnancy test app might assist you to find out quickly whether you are or not.

Using pregnancy test Apps are great way to find out about pregnancy because you can run a simple test on your own with your smartphone to get an answer in a few seconds.

The pregnancy test apps that we reviewed below will help you to find out if you are pregnant or not based on several important pregnancy symptoms.

We will show you, based on the apps features, how easy is to find it out.

Continue the reading and find bellow the 3 best apps that we tested and suggest for you:

1. Pregnancy Test – Symptoms

Our first great option, Pregnancy Test app has a very complete quiz that you can easily answer.

The quiz consists of 15 questions about early signs of pregnancy.

After you completed the quiz, you will get a percentage of how close or how far you are of being pregnant.

Remember that the test resulted on a high percentage of
positive pregnancy, we recommend that you visit a doctor or get a pharmacy test.

The app will give you an approximate orientation.

This pregnancy test app has:

  1. 15 questions about pregnancy symptoms
  2. All simple and quick questions
  3. Everything is online and simple
  4. A detailed report on the result

The quiz consist on questions about early pregnancy symptoms: How is your appetite? Do you have vomiting? Have you been feeling excess fatigue or irritability?

Pregnancy Test app is available for iOS.

2. Pregnancy Test at Home Guide

Our second reviewed App is for Android users. The App also allows you to perform quick and accurate pregnancy test at home.

Especially if it is too early to make a pharmacy test at the current moment. This app will help you to decide if you should get a pharmacy test or not.

Like the first APP of our list, this one will base its results on a quiz that you can quick answer.

Based on the result, the APP will provide to its users helpful information on how to proceed whether it is a pregnancy scenario or not.

The Pregnancy Test at Home Guide APP is available for Android smartphones only on this link.

3. Am I Pregnant? – Quiz by Clear Blue

Our last solution to test Pregnancy is an online quiz provided by Clear Blue. This is not a smartphone APP. The pregnancy test quiz is available on their website that you will access via browser.

As you must know, Clear Blue is a huge pharmacy pregnancy test company, so they have deep knowledge on the subject. You may want to try this one.

With this test, there is no reason wait whether your period comes or not to find out if you are pregnant.

The Clear Blue Early Detection Pregnancy Test might be ran up to 6 days before the day you expect your period.

You can access the Am I Pregnant test from Clear Blue on the following website.

With these 3 solutions mentioned in this post, you don’t have to be in doubt about pregnancy anymore, do your tests and find out the results right away.

Keep in mind that these pregnancy test apps are great to put you on the right direction, but they do not replace physical tests. Always visit your doctor.